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Q1: Error message "Can't set multicast group!" showns at the TriX start. User's list is empty. / Can't see messages in common chat.

A1: IP Multicast must be enabled in system kernel. You can activate multicasting by adding

route add -net netmask dev eth0
route add netmask dev eth0
depending on version of "route" in startup scripts.


Q2: I have Qt library but TriX doesn't compile!

A2: You have probably only the library itself (binary package), which is enough to run installed applications, but not the developement headers and tools required for compilation. Depending on your linux distribution, this package may be named like 'qt3-3.3.4-devel', 'libqt3-3.3.4-devel' or something like this. Please install it as well as xorg-libs developement package. See 'Requirements' section in README.


Q3: I can't compile Trix under Debian Linux!

A3: In Debian, Qt is placed in no-standard location. Either set QTDIR environment variable to /usr/share/qt3 or run configure with '--with-Qt-dir=/usr/share/qt3' option.


Q4: I can't see any special characters that my language use

A4: First, make sure you have correct locale settings in your system (e.g. LC_LANG=ru_RU etc. for Russian). Second, set the correct font: use KDE Control Center if using KDE or qtconfig utility that comes with Qt. In general case this problem can be solved by setting of the option "Use unicode" on the page "Localization" of the TriX preferences.


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